The coronavirus pandemic showed the world that a more effective hand sanitizing solution is necessary in the modern world.


Centralized Hand Sanitizing System

2020 was an unforgettable year for many people. With the rise of COVID-19, many people needed a more effective way to stay safe while out or staying home. On a world wide basis, more than 180,000,000 people contracted Covid-9. More than 3,903,000 died.

The coronavirus pandemic showed the world that a more effective hand sanitizing solution is necessary in the modern world. We created Ax Virus with a single vision: A Centralized Hand Sanitizer System to help the world gain access to better hand sanitizing methods.

Our Centralized Hand Sanitizing Solution

  • Body Temperature sensing for Fever Detection,
  • AI Facial Recognition for Security and Analytics,
  • Reporting statistics for various deployment scenarios,
  • Classrooms, Hospitals, Department Stores, Sports Arenas, Airline Departure Gates, Convention Centers, Casinos, Government Offices,
  • High Volume Commuting (Trains/Train Stations),
  • Healthcare Facilities,
  • Fitness Centers.

Our Centralized Hand Sanitizer System Is Revolutionizing Health In High Traffic Areas.

Meet The Team

Learn About Who We Are

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Robert Chen, Co-Inventor

For the past 38 + years, Mr. Chen headed up Fortune 500 Companies in Sales and Management for Motorola (Greater China), Compaq Computer, Symantec, FIC and Digital Equipment Corporation in USA and Greater ChinaMr. Chen is accomplished in identifying and capturing New Opportunities and developing Strategic Alliances to accelerate expansion, increase sales revenues and improve profit.
Highlighting Key Accomplishments

• As GM for DEC/Compaq Computer(Taiwan), Mr. Chen won 9 out of 10 Semiconductor FAB Automation SI projects with clients like: TSMC, Winbond and UMC. The revenue for 9 projects exceeded USD $150.0 m.• Won major SI contract for Off-Track Betting for HK Jockey Club (HKJC). The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a world-class racing club that acts continuously for the betterment of HK society. A leader in horse racing and responsible sports wagering and one of the world’s top ten charity donors.• As VP of Sales for First International Computer (FIC), Mr. Chen closed over USD $400.0 m orders with DELL, Compaq and HP for Notebooks and DeskTop Computers.
• As VP at Motorola, Mr. Chen dramatically increased subscription and revenue for China market.

US Patents
Over the past seven years, Mr. Chen filed eight (7) Patents with US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). As of May  2021, USPTO approved and granted Mr. Chen five (5) patents.

Tiffany Chen, Co-Inventor

Tiffany Chen is starting her Junior Year @ UCLA. Tiffany is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and minoring in Biomedical Research at UCLA. Her interests lie in the use of biotechnology, such as medical devices and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), to add those with neurological and cognitive disorders. She founded   (High-tech And Neuro-Disorders) at UCLA to bridge together healthcare and technology, in order to connect students with medical and industry professionals and spark innovation and collaboration within the community.

From promoting mental wellness to treating movement disorders, biotechnology combines hands-on patient care with cutting-edge research, which Tiffany hopes to expand upon on campus by bringing together students of all majors, ranging from engineering to business economics. As co-inventor of iStopShaking®, Tiffany is leading a student team as part of HAND to begin developing the three IoT devices to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease, with the devices using miniaturized gyroscopes to stabilize essential tremors.
Additionally, Tiffany enjoys golfing and advocating for public health and performing research under a neuroscience lab.

photos co-inventor
Amelia Chen

Amelia Chen, Co-Inventor

Amelia Chen is a senior at Miramonte High School in California. She is involved in S.T.E.M through her school club S.T.E.M. in Action where she leads science webinars for middle schoolers.

She was the S.T.E.A.M. Site Director at Legarza Camp in the summer of 2022. There, she instructed kids on the fundamentals of electricity, magnetism, gravity, and other scientific ideas at a level they could conceptualize through building science projects.

Additionally, she is an AP Scholar and the winner of the state-wide California Stock Market Simulation.

Amelia has taken The Psychology of Competition and Introduction to Neuroscience at Harvard Pre-college.

She enjoys singing and dancing, and she founded the club Performing Arts Outreach, which hosts variety shows for senior centers and elementary schools.

Our Centralized Hand Sanitizer System Is Ready For Immediate Use In Any Industry.


Product Features

With the world starting to go back to work, there has never been a better time for an efficient, practical hand sanitizing solution. After years of developing our products

The kiosk can be refilled through a 1000 Gallon Tank allowing for extensive usage. It is also capable of monitoring temperature and PPE compliance.

Other features of our Centralized Hand Sanitizer System include:

  • 1000 gallon tank for automatic refills to LCD kiosks,
  • LCD screen offers Touch-free interface,
  • LCD has Built-in oximeter,
  • Kiosk has AI facial recognition software to monitor Medical Personnel in Hospital Operating rooms for compliance of hood, PPE and Goggle,
  • 1080p HD screen,
  • Kiosk takes Precise temperature of person receiving hand sanitizer,
  • System has Content management reporting system for Management.

This Centralized hand sanitizing system can handle extensive usage, which is why we’ve designed it with a 1000 gallon centralized reservior. The 1000 Gallon tank is connected to individualized kiosk by piping, which pumps the hand sanitizer solution directly into the system.

This reservoir is easy to refill and service, allowing the Centralized Hand Sanitizer System to remain in constant use.

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Advertising Screen on Centralized Hand Sanitizer System
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Advertising Screen on Centralized Hand Sanitizer System (1)

Our Patent #11,000,712 B1

Centralized Hand Sanitizer System

Ax Virus Provides Access to a Comprehensive Solution For All Hand Sanitizing Needs.


Centralized Hand Sanitizer System

At Ax Virus, we are proud to present our state-of-the-art sanitization technology to a national audience. Health and safety are our number one concerns as we strive to combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

Is Hand Sanitizer Effective at Preventing COVID-19 Infection?

Hand sanitizer is an effective solution for combatting COVID-19 for people on the move. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends hand washing to prevent the spread of the virus, many busy people do not have access to these essentials when at work or moving from place to place. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hand sanitizer is most effective when it is alcohol-based, with over 60% alcohol content. Ax Virus is proud to meet and exceed this standard with our Centralized Hand Sanitizing Solution. 

Our product provides effective, medical-grade hand sanitizer to the public. We understand that people are busy, which means they might not always access proper sanitizing methods. Our team wants to fix this problem by offering our quality hand sanitizing solutions to the working world.

What Makes Our Centralized Hand Sanitizing Solution Different From Other Sanitizers?

Our patented Centralized Hand Sanitizing Solution is different from other sanitizing stations on the market. Instead of needing individual refills, our kiosk can be refilled via a centralized reservoir, making it easier for business and property owners to maintain it. 

The Centralized COVID-19 Hand Sanitizing System is unique because it can automatically detect temperature, PPE compliance, and more. All of this data reports to our product’s Content Management System (CMS), where the owner can review settings and monitor guests and visitors. 

The CMS is adjustable, so the owner can specify temperatures to look out for, view any alerts or messages from the system, and monitor the kiosk for PPE compliance. 

The CMS is a highly customizable, effective way to monitor the Centralized Hand Sanitizing System, ensuring that all visitors have access to high-quality sanitization services.

Why Ax Virus?

There is a need for a streamlined solution for temperature detection and PPE compliance at Hospital’s Operating Rooms. Many standalone systems do not have the storage capacity to meet demand, which means they must receive frequent service or maintenance. 

Ax Virus’s solution goes a step above other units, giving our clients access to a comprehensive solution for all their hand sanitizing needs. 

Our centralized hand sanitizing kiosk will assist businesses’ sanitizing and temperature monitoring efforts. Our product is designed for daily use, allowing businesses to protect their staff and visitors from COVID-19 and other viruses. 

Ax Virus’s solution to modern hand sanitizing needs received a patent in May 2021, which has put it at the forefront of modern sanitizing technology. 

Here are just a few of the features that make our system unique:

  • Checks for PPE compliance
  • Accurately detects temperature
  • It contains a built-in pulse oximeter
  • It is completely touch-free 
  • Contains precise facial recognition software
  • The system notifies users of high temperatures
  • Owners can use 1080p HD screen for advertising
  • Backed by a comprehensive content management system
  • A centralized reservoir keeps the system running indefinitely
  • Can be placed in high-traffic areas for maximum effectiveness

Why Use A Centralized Reservoir?

A centralized reservoir allows for the easy and immediate refilling of the unit. This process makes it easier for the public to access sanitization, providing a large quantity of sanitizer for high-traffic and high-occupancy areas. 

Our team believes that it is essential for buildings to have access to superior hand sanitization methods, so we devised the centralized reservoir for our product. The centralized reservoir can be filled with hundreds or thousands of gallons of sanitizer, depending on customer needs. 

This reservoir can be refilled from a basement or storage facility, meaning the unit does not need to be taken out of service to refill. Instead, the unit can remain functional at all times, all while allowing the owner to maintain it for future usage properly.

What Are The Benefits of Our Centralized Hand Sanitizer System?

Our Centralized Hand Sanitizing System is different from others on the market, as it allows users to tap into a robust amount of features, all while keeping visitors safe.

Our equipment thrives in high-traffic areas, allowing it to keep a larger quantity of people safe than the average hand sanitizing system. 

Ax Virus’s Centralized Hand Sanitizer System has various comprehensive features, which help users maintain access to high-quality sanitizing methods.

Here are some of the features business owners can expect when installing our Centralized Hand Sanitizing Solution at their location of choice:

  • 1,000-gallon tank for automatic refills to LCD kiosks
  • LCD screen features a built-in oximeter
  • The touch-free interface prevents the spread of germs
  • Kiosk features AI facial recognition software to monitor medical personnel in hospitals and operating rooms for PPE and mask compliance
  • The product features a 1080p HD screen
  • The kiosk takes the precise temperature of the person receiving the hand sanitizer
  • The system features a content management reporting system for owners to access
  • People can use the LCD screen to display messages and advertisements, if applicable
  • The system features a comprehensive alarm system, which alerts nearby people and the owner of high temperatures or non-compliance 
  • The owner can refill the system on-demand via a comprehensive centralized reservoir
  • The kiosk does not need individualized refills, increasing its effectiveness

These features come together to create an impactful, safe product that will help people stay protected from COVID-19 and other illnesses. Our patented product will be available for immediate usage soon, making it easier than ever for businesses and public spaces to access the sanitization equipment they need.

When Will The Centralized Hand Sanitizing Solution Be Available?

Production has begun on our Hand Sanitizing Solution, meaning that the product should see a full public release soon. Our patent was approved in the May of 2021, which allowed us to move forward with our vision to protect people from the harmful effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

For business owners and clients interested in our Centralized Hand Sanitizing System, Clients can contact us via phone, email, or website. We are available to answer any questions our customers and colleagues may have.

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